In 2012 Pastor Jason was under conviction that as a church we should be looking to connect with other churches abroad primarily to provide opportunities for church members to experience short term mission. But did not know where the Lord was leading him at this time. In September 2012 the Pastor and his wife went to a European Leaders Conference where they met a number of pastors from other European Apostolic churches. Whist there, friendships were made but no future plans arranged.


In January 2013 Pastor Nigel Bainbridge from Action Overseas phoned Pastor Jason to ask if he would be interested in meeting Pastor József Demeter and his church in Miskolc Hungary. Later that year Pastor Jason, one of our elders Steve Cowell and Pastor Nigel travelled to Romania and Hungary. While traveling they met friends, Pastor Dánut and Christina Cápátan from the Apostolic church in Bucharest, Romania. Pastor Dánut and Christina run an after school reading club for poorer children. During the visit there was a presentation in McDonalds at which Steve spoke and they met up with some of the children, their teachers and headmistress. This was a very big thing for these poor children, as in Romania McDonalds is mostly used by business men and the wealthy.

The group travelled to Hungry to meet Pastor József where he took them on their first open air mission in a village called Demecser. They felt the power of God present amongst them, many gave their lives’ to God and others were healed. On the Sunday morning they went to Pastor József’s church, in Miskolc. During the service it was agreed that the Miscolc and Ebbw Vale Apostolic churches would to twin with each other. The group also visited other Apostolic churches in the area preaching and ministering. God really used the team while out there confirming that this was the right place for them to be.


In 2014 there was a second mission trip with Pastor Jason, elders Steve Cowell and Ian Warner and Pastor Nigel travelled to Miskolc. Again preaching and ministering at the Apostolic churches in the area. There were healings and people getting saved, throughout their ministry as relationship between the two churches grew.


Later on in 2014 Pastor József, Pastor András (from Budapest) and Bela (their translator) visited Ebbw Vale and Abergavenny Apostolic churches.


One of the things that has developed, is a charity shop in Miskolc, called ‘Charity Line’. Pastor József asked if we could help them with this by sending second hand clothes and goods. The Ebbw Vale leaders said yes, a team was put together to help collect, sort and pack the items. These are then bagged and palletized before freighting to Hungary. In 2015 we were able to send 3 pallets of second hand goods, a total of nearly a tonne.  The charity is helping provide jobs both in the shop and also providing an ‘odd job’ service for the local community.


We are grateful to God for the connection with our sister church in Hungary and look to continue our joint mission there for many years to come. We have been greatly encouraged by everything that has happened so far, the many friendships we have made and the effect of mission on the lives of individuals.


Two Churches Coming Together as One